Ten Mandatory FAQs on How to Outsource Blog Writing for Businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses often outsource their operations such as accounting, human resources and payroll. Such a business model allows them to be lean and flexible. Still, when it comes to outsourcing blog writing, things get more challenging as the blog is the voice of your company and a critical part of your overall content marketing strategy.

Fact is, not every business has the resources to keep their blog running with fresh content in-line with strict quality requirements.

Furthermore, blog outsourcing comes with several key benefits.

You save significant time. Writing a quality blog post averages about three hours, which is almost one-third of your working hours.

Outsourcing blog writing is cheaper as compared to hiring a full-time writer for your business.

Experienced writers bring instant expertise so you don’t have to worry about the engaging audience with the right content.

Blog outsourcing enables you to remain flexible, increasing or decreasing the writing power as per your needs.

You have better scalability to grow your blog writing when your business grows.

It is a good idea to outsource blog posts, but the only requirement is to do it well.

How do you know you are doing it right?

Here are the top 10 questions related to blog writing outsourcing that will help you better understand the requirements and get answers to common FAQs.

Outsourcing Blog Writing for Business: 10 Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Can the outsource blog writing service can capture the tone and message of my brand/business? 

Writing is a blog is more of a personal experience for businesses as it shares the same personality and tone as their product or service. We understand that outsourcing blog writing can cause you to lose the identity of your business’s personality.

With Contentsia blog writing service we deal with this situation in two ways:

Have an intimate initiation between the writers and the businesses. The more time we take to put our writers with the businesses, the better they understand the content goals of the businesses. This way our clients get the value and message delivered through our content every time.

We don’t offer our clients 100% done content. This is to say that our writers deliver the complete content but clients must treat it as 95% to 85% complete. The rest 5% to 15% is the final polishing and tweaking that clients must do as editors to insert tone and style of their own.

  1. what’s the best strategy to get the right content done when using outsourced writers?

You do not need some grand content marketing strategy to get started, just make sure you know the basics.

Contentsia recommends you consider these two things:

Ask why do you want a content marketing strategy? It is no use to get enamored with a lot of mess without asking the critical questions first. Ask why you are doing what you are doing. What is your main aim of hiring a blog writing service?

Support your writers with the subject matter to ensure that you get the work done right in the first place.

The goal of writers is to bring the expertise that you possess in light in a readable way. When you provide the information and direction, you will get the writers to create the best quality content.

  1. Can I trust content quality produced by the outsource writing services? 

Just like with any other service, blog writing outsourcing also exists on a quality spectrum. The two opposites of the spectrum can be:

Highest quality writing outsourced from some freelance journalist who has written for best publications like the New Yorker; to

Poor quality writing

As a client, your goal is to figure out where on this cost/quality spectrum you’d like to fall. Depending on that you will have to outsource your blog writing to a service who can put you on that spectrum.

Contentsia has worked with a lot of clients and served multiple industries. To know about the quality of our services you can always download free samples from the site.

  1. How do I get writers for my blog?

You can hire writers for your blog through a bunch of different ways. There are dozens of outsourcing writing services to be hired and it will require a post of its own if we start covering every way possible.

Better we share some professional tips to hire outsourcing writing service that actually gets you quality blog writing service for hire.

Don’t pick based on price alone. The cheapest writers are the ones who are less qualified and less experienced.

Ask for past work. The work samples always tell about the qualification of a writer and help you pick the right one for the topic.

Set expectations. Do not just share your brand voice and tone, but also tell exactly what type of content you are expecting.

Outline your plan. Are you expecting a single blog post or want to establish an ongoing relationship with the writer?

Look for the right service. Either you can hire a single freelance writer or partner with a complete outsourcing service like us.

  1. Should I consider outsourcing my blog writing overseas?

Most businesses worry about outsourcing content to countries where there are no native speakers.

You are right not to trust outsourcing overseas as it is very uncommon to find non-native English speakers who can write an extremely high level of English. Outsourcing blog writing to such a country can put you in a pickle.

Do not be tempted by low initial price tag as it will only eat up your budget without getting you any quality content. Contentsia connects your projects with the native writers and saves you all the trouble of wasting precious time to comb through writers.

  1. Why do outsourcing my blog feels weird? 

You have to realize the outsourcing content creation is a common practice for small and medium-sized businesses just as hiring accounts and HR services.

Outsourcing blog writing services is done due to two realizations:

  1. Scaling on your own can be difficult, especially if your content needs are rising with the size of the organization.
  2. Competition in content marketing is high which means you need to dedicate specialized resources. Outsourcing companies have specialized writers to make sure your content hits the target right.
  3. If I outsource my posts, will I have exclusive rights to the content? 

Yes, you will.

But for assurance make sure you discuss earlier the ownership of the content and that you get exclusive rights as for SEO and content marketing duplicate content can be bad news.

Whenever you outsource blog posts you need to be aware of what will be the copyright policies and that you are paying for the complete ownership of the content.

  1. Do businesses have to consider some blogging tips when outsourcing blog writing?

First, have an editorial calendar and a strategy in place, then only outsource the content.

Make a budget and commit to it.

Content marketing is a long game, don’t play it like a sprint

Experiment with the different content format, headlines, CTAs and more.

In content marketing starting small gets you early wins.

Repurpose the content for other channels. For instance, make an infographic from the blog post for Instagram.

  1. How much does outsourcing blog content cost?

At Contentsia, we often get asked this question.

But before we can answer that we ask our clients about:

The budget they have for blog creation

What type of content do they need?

How they will use the content

Depending on the answers we can provide clients with the right answer. As businesses can spend any amount on outsourcing blog posts.

But the real question is what is the right amount to pay for a blog post?

You can expect to pay as less as $5 for a post through common marketplaces such as Fiverr. But doing this you are at high risk of getting low quality, nonsensical and even plagiarized content.

For blog services like from Contentsia you can expect to pay between $20 to $200 per blog post depending on the word count, writer experience and required research.

But again, this is an assumption and for the actual budget and cost, you need to contact the writing service and discuss your requirements.

  1. Is there something else I should ask when I outsource my business blogging?

Get words on the page. Make sure the service you hire commits to the deadlines and upholds the commitments.

Professional writer and you both have to work in a team. A professional writer doesn’t know your business as well as you do, while you don’t have the skills of a professional writer, so you both need to team up.

A valuable content writing service will always come up with fresh ideas to keep your blog enriched. Contentsia blog writing service brings new ideas and potential topics as part of the package.

Although you can do all of this on your own, it will require a lot of your time.

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Contentsia happens to be a content development firm that is acting as the one-stop outsource blog writing partner for hundreds of businesses. Our content marketing solutions ensure that you get the best value for the money you spent.

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