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The Ultimate Digital PR Guide: Why Your Business Needs It


Digital PR is an industry that keeps evolving and changing to accommodate the new technologies brought forward. As people adapt to these technologies the way they publicise their services also changes.

It has been never been more important than in 2021 for businesses to have a strong digital PR strategy and tactic foundation. You cannot expect your business to be visible without it.

If you are looking for a resource that can help you make an effective plan for your business’s online presence, this article is for you.


What Is Digital PR?

Simply put, digital PR is the art of generating brand awareness and publicity for a company or product in the realm of online-first businesses. Digital PR is not like the print PR of the past it is also about generating genuine public relations.

Today PR professionals make use of a combination of traditional tactics as well as newer techniques to generate publicity for a company or product in the digital sphere. The new-age techniques mostly involve but are not limited to social media campaigns. If you want to make your digital PR strategy a success you better have a strong foundation in these skills.

At its core, digital PR is about creating and managing online content and using it to attract the audience. What follows is a planned outreach program that raises the visibility of a brand or a product to influence potential new customers.

If your business is more about enterprise or B2B solutions then you can benefit from traditional PR methods like pitching journalists. But, if you are in the eCommerce or online service domain then social media campaigns can help you quickly overtake other more traditional PR techniques. Also, such methods generate results much faster.

For garnering truly beneficial public relations campaign results, you need to focus on building relationships and connections that are relevant to your business.

If you find it hard to understand then here are some examples of digital PR tactics:

  • Setting up a blog and creating blog posts about your company’s latest products and services
  • Creating behind-the-scenes content for social media
  • Pitching press releases about industry trends
  • Partnering with influencers in your industry

What sets Digital PR apart from Traditional PR? 

The difference we are referring to here is quite vivid. Both digital PR and traditional PR have their own sets of benefits, but the differences between the two are also paramount.

While the primary goals remain the same, still a digital PR agency will be a lot different from a traditional PR agency in the way they achieve these goals.

A Digital PR agency uses all available digital marketing tools at its disposal including social media platforms, web landing pages, blogs and online ads to target the potential audience. There are several channels it utilizes to make its content available to the world, while a traditional PR agency is limited to using non-digital pathways.

Mostly, a traditional PR uses the offline approach. Here publicity is done via channels such as trade shows and journalist relations.

The Benefits of Digital PR

In the modern era, digital PR campaigns can benefit businesses of all sizes. Without digital PR you will be left to find clients in the offline realm which is not only daunting but also time and money consuming.

It is not to say that traditional PR does not work, it’s just that digital PR works even better. Apart from helping you build website traffic and improve SEO, digital PR can also help you with:

Traditional PR works, but digital PR works even better these days. It can help you with raising website traffic, improving SEO, but also with:

Building Influencers Relationships

Influencers are the stars of the present and building relationships with them can help your business get exposure at reduced costs.

Partnering with these people gets your products or services featured in their posts and newsletters. This helps your business’s online presence and you can get more followers on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

You can also generate leads and build a client base by featuring in influencers’ blogs. This provides more exposure for your services and your sales growth.

Increase Social Media Followers 

Digital PR can help you make your social media followers more active and help them grow. With more social media followers your business gets more exposure, brand awareness and sales, and is also considered a trustworthy brand.

It is proven that businesses with strong social media following are preferred by potential clients rather than the ones with low social media presence. In the social media realm, a greater number of followers equals a greater level of trust, and successful businesses are always built on trust.

Improved Customer Service

Digital PR enables digital interaction between businesses and customers that help improve the feedback and customer service loop. With improved interaction, you can better understand your customers and their needs and wants.

When you have a clear idea of what your customers want, your company and deliver satisfactory services and products. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are wonderful sources to develop a strong customer service loop.

More Visibility Within Your Industry 

Digital PR is a sure shot way to catch eyes in your industry. This gets you attention of potential clients as in business visibility directly translates to opportunity.

With a successful PR campaign, you can gain new customers and generate loyalty from the existing ones.

Generate Direct Sales Leads

Digital PR can help you generate direct sales. Businesses like Amazon and Walmart are known to utilize the power of PR to generate a tremendous uptick in their revenue and financial KPI.

This is the beauty of digital PR, if the big boys can do it, so can you. It is cost-effective to generate direct sales leads and have money flowing in.

Establish a Brand Image

Most present-day brands are incentivising on the power of Digital PR strategies to secure a consistent brand image in the digital landscape.

Let’s face it, without a strong online presence, your business is most likely to be lost in the noise of active campaigning of other companies vying for attention. Through digital PR you can get your voice heard in the market. Your products and services get recognition and you get to make more sales.

Reputation Management 

Whether you like it or not, your online reputation is highly vulnerable at all times. With successful digital PR campaigns, you can correct rumours and lies spread about your brand or business. Think of digital PR as a voice that can’t be silenced no matter how hard the efforts.

Bad reviews, haters and negatively competitive businesses can be ignored, but a peaceful fix via a digital PR campaign will only work in your favor.

Can you benefit from a digital PR service? 

Now that we have detailed the intricacies of digital PR, this question is mute. If your business has an online presence (that it should), digital PR can be a very specific and measurable approach to generate brand awareness and promote products and services.

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