Content that is valuable and offers information is not easy to create. On top of exhaustive hours of research, you also have to spend time writing and polishing the content itself.

We don’t doubt your skill to produce quality content, but if you are trying to stand out from the competition, you will need additional tools.

Contentsia has picked some of the best tools to boost your content game, woo readers and drive conversions. The tools we have picked are spanned over three major areas of content creation which is research, editing and analytics.

For Content Research 

Content writing is easier if you know what is the first word to type. To generate content ideas, there’s a lengthy research process involved but with the help of some tools, you can ease the process. Here are the tools that we recommend to streamline your content research requirements.

  1. Ubersuggest


We understand that you might be using Ubersuggest for the purpose of keyword research, but this tool can also be used to find worthy content ideas.

At its core, Ubersuggest works by building on Google Suggest and Google Ads Keyword Planner data. For some input keywords, the tool gives the ideas that can be used as content titles right off the bat. These are the long-tail keywords that comprise of three or more terms.

You can look for the most relevant titles and topics for your content using these long-tail suggestions. That’s your supply of unlimited search-worthy content ideas.

  1. Quora

quoraOnline communities are the best source of attention-grabbing content. A highly active, Q&A website where you can always find what content your target audience is looking for is Quora.

The built-in search feature on the site provides you with an easy way to find out suggestions. All you have to do is start typing the keywords and useful suggestions will pop up.

You can find the best blog post ideas, questions for your FAQ pages and even use the platform to promote your content offering answers to your target audience. This is how you can quickly and promptly reach the right people, attract potential backlinks and generate leads.

  1. LeadFWD

lead-fwdThis tool is the one that you can use to turn your unknown visitors into potential leads. LeadFWD provides you with the capability to capture information of anonymous visitors to your site and turn them into paying customers.

For marketers, this tool is highly valuable as lead generation is one of the most important tasks for any digital marketing company.

Wondering how can a lead generation tool help with content creation?

Since LeadFWD tells you how a visitor spent time on your website and shows the graph of the session, you can make use of the insights provided to alter the content such that people spend more time on your website. Powered by AI, this tool can scan your websites in real-time to provide insights that can help you with lead generation and content creation.

  1. Awario

awarioThis is a unique tool that allows you to monitor and listen to people’s conversations on social media. This data act as feedback to spot and correct any mistakes you might be making with your content.

There can be no better way to improve your content than direct feedback from the users. With Awario, you can easily bypass the messenger bots and surveys to gain insights directly from the source. You can create a better experience for your site visitors with this tool.

  1. Reddit

reddit-forumReddit is one of the most active online forums that is brimming with content ideas backed by its massive user base.

Reddit is divided into specific subcommunities that are known as “subreddits” that cover everything from plumbing to content marketing. You can use Reddit to get insights and ask for feedback from active members that will help you improve content.


Some of the best content is created in a team. The more minds working on the content, the more content ideas flow in and the easier it gets to create some amazing content.

An ideal content development team usually involves content researchers, skilled writers, editors and marketers. There might also be graphic designers for creating engaging images and infographics. Now to make such a setup work, the platform will need streamlined collaboration and file sharing.

There are tools that you will find best for team collaborations.

  1. Google Docs

google-docs-homeGoogle Docs has become the most used content collaboration tool as it is widely available and also free to use.

This cloud-based content editing platform from Google allows multiple users to seamlessly work in a single document. There is every feature available in Google Docs that makes it a complete word processor. You can customize all the aspects of your document in every way possible. Furthermore, it offers excellent features to share a file with other users with restricted or full document editing permissions.

  1. Slack

slackPerhaps the most popular collaboration tool for marketers, businesses and teams, Slack is known for its user-friendly interface.

Ability to share images, documents, videos, memes and much more, Slack is designed to replace traditional email communication. If you work in a company where management of employees is involved, you can also monitor at what time your employees are logging in and logging out.

Slack allows collaboration across departments and you can ensure that content passes through the right hands.


Quality content creation is not just about producing engaging content but also optimizing it for the search. Apart from quality writing aspects like proper use of subheadings, keyword optimizations and formatting are of great importance.

Here are some tools that make content optimization effortless.

  1. SEMrush

semrushOne of the most used SEO tools by professionals, SEMrush offers a wealth of data and insights for search optimization. You can do competition research, content research and link building analysis with this tool. The free version of this tool comes with limited features, while the premium SEO tool allows for deep research on your competitor’s content strategy.

  1. Grammarly

grammarly-pluginTo rapidly figure out the grammar issues and check the readability of your content, you can use Grammarly. There is a free Google Chrome plugin available and it can be used with Google Docs, Social Media Platform and a variety of other platforms.

With this tool, you can take the stress out of checking content for spelling errors and readability issues. Grammarly allows you to edit content in real-time and optimize it for your target audiences’ reading level.

  1. Google Analytics

google-analyticsWhat can be measured, can be improved.

Google Analytics is a free platform that not only helps you improve your content but optimize your website for improved traffic from external sources.

With this tool, you can measure important content engagement metrics like page views, bounce rate and average session duration. These are the values that tell you what type of content appeals to your existing audience.


In the present digital marketing landscape, as a content creator, you are required to wear many hats. Your content is the lifeline of your digital marketing strategy and with the right content, you can establish your brand with authority.

Many people believe that content marketing is all about bigger budgets, but in this competitive world right tools can make a huge difference.

Here we have listed some tools that will help you create content like a pro.

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