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Marketing Writing Tips To Improve Efficiency

marketing writing tips

Marketing writing is a lot more beneficial than other forms of advertising as it offers real value, gets you traffic and improves search engine rankings.

Your primary goal in writing a sales or marketing message post is to build authority and trust. With quality content, you can not only impose the authority but also bring in the leads and improve your business’ online presence. For copywriters optimizing content to rank in search engines is also an increasing priority because organic search traffic is five times more effective than paid ads.

Organic search traffic is 5X more effective than paid ads.

The challenge with marketing content for most marketers is to optimize it enough to make a difference.

Contentsia has three tested and tried strategies that will help you write content faster with no drop in quality.

marketing writing tips

Create an Idea Capture System

No quality content is ever created without an idea to support it. As your primary goal in writing a sales or marketing message is to capture the attention of potential customers, you need a system to capture ideas better.

As a copywriter you need an idea capture system so that you can keep a log of the ideas you come up with that you think will better capture your customer’s intent.

Here’s how you can make it work.

Don’t forget to log the marketing writing ideas 

When you have a reference sheet that lists the blogs you did in the past and the ideas for the future posts, it serves in many ways.

  • It lists what topics you have already covered in the past this helps map the gaps in marketing writing content.
  • It lists the past posts so there is no risk of repetition.
  • You develop a habit of saving your ideas as they come, it later saves you time when you are ready to write.

There are many tools that you can use for logging-Excel, notes app on your phone or a simple notebook. Our favorite is Google Docs, it’s free and cloud-based so you can access it at any time through any device with an internet connection.

Provide Structured Answers to Question-Based Keywords

SEO is no longer keyword-based but has shifted to an intent-based approach. 

This is simply because when consumers have to buy, they search with intent.

Marketing writing is all about addressing the concerns your potential customer might have before visiting your landing pages.

For your marketing blog to be successful it must solve the questions your potential customers might have.

When you target your blog posts to answer a customer’s question, you are essentially avoiding wasted writing time and effort.

When you understand the searchers’ intent, you create an experience that leaves your customers satisfied.

Tools for your marketing writing toolbox

Marketing writing, blogging, copywriting, content writing or content creation, call whatever you want to call it, but the underlying process remains the same.

The great content is written from the perspective of the target audience’s search intent. Such content will always rise on the top.

Now, the tools can be expensive, but we have some suggestions that are free to use.  

If you think out loud, use the speech to text in Google Docs to capture the ideas.

Google’s Keyword Planner is a free tool for finding keywords.

Simplify editing with Grammarly and Hemingway.

Hubspot’s free blog topic generator is a tool to brainstorm topics.

Efficiency is all about saving time and efforts. Consistently logging ideas, understanding customers’ intent and taking advantage of available free tools is the best way to streamline the writing process.

Singular Purpose Marketing Writing 

When writing a marketing plan, it is easy to lose scope of the intend and go on writing lengthy content. However, the reality is web pages are rarely read in their entirety.

When you keep the purpose of your post singular you are enabling readers to focus on your content without getting confused or distracted.

As we mentioned before your blog posts must focus on providing answers, when targeting audience land at your blog and find the specific answer they quickly confirm that they are in the right place.

It entices them to explore further.

If you are having trouble creating content that’s focused, here are the few steps our writers use to make text inviting.

Proper Research 

Once you are well-versed in your subject, you can write impressive content without stopping. When you can write without interruption, you write faster and avoid any potential distractions.

It will also help to keep a clear main idea. When you can express the central idea of the post in one sentence, you are ready to write.

Start with an outline, lead with the headline 

The outline is the way to map out the supporting ideas for your main idea. You can choose to keep the outline general or detailed depending on your writing style. The main purpose of the outline is to add a logical structure to the article.

When reading any content, a header or two is all its takes for a reader to flip to another website. Your headlines create an expectation which must be satisfied by the content. Write headlines that focus on the content that follows it.

One idea per paragraph

To keep the layout simple, you must focus on one idea per paragraph. It makes it easier for readers to scan and read. Use subheadings and bullet points to break a large chunk of content.

Another mistake to avoid is to take breaks to edit the content in between. Just focus on writing first and then edit later. Experts suggest that your focus must be on writing without pausing and then polish the content later.

Edit at the end 

If you can walk away from the content a while, it is better to come back with a fresh pair of eyes for editing. Grammarly is an excellent free tool for finding common typo errors and grammatical mistakes. After a round of edit or two, your content is ready to be served.

Focus on marketing writing content that you can repurpose

Your primary goal in writing a sales or marketing message is to get the readers and traffic to your content. No one medium is enough for driving such amount of traffic, you need to repurpose content for different channels.

Repurposing is a powerful efficiency tool.

It allows you to create more marketing content with less time and effort.

But make no mistakes, effective repurposing demands a strategy.

First, you need to create top-notch content like a whitepaper that can offer unprecedented value to your customers.

Repurposing is more than just regurgitating your main article content. For making each post a valuable asset you need to analyze the content of the competition to find the gaps in information.

Then based on the insights you receive, create your posts to provide answers that your competitors might have missed.

If you are having trouble to brainstorm ideas for the content, here are some ways to do it:

Introduction of your blog post will make best email headers for promotions to your mailing lists.

Make infographics from stats and quotes or make quote graphics, they do get shared.

You can simply make takeaways from your posts into a script and create videos based on it.

There are many ways to repurpose content for marketing, your focus must always be on finding the information gaps and providing answers to your audience that the competition missed on.

Success With Content Marketing Writing

Marketing writing can bring your business high-quality traffic provided you create the volume of authority content that not only answers and satisfies searcher’s intent but also builds relationships.

Keep in mind that you are not writing for yourself but for the customers. To be an effective marketing copywriter you need to have insights into customers’ needs, behaviours and pains so that you can address them with your content.

Your primary goal in writing a sales or marketing message is to deliver satisfaction. These messages have to be powerful and encouraging. Every time you need to put in consistent time and effort to create effective writing.

If you find it difficult, Contentsia offers the best marketing writing services that streamline your content creation process to act as an endless pipeline of relevant and high-value content.


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