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Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tips To Boost Your Online Presence 

linked Digital Marketing

By tapping into the right digital marketing platform any business can build a robust sales pipeline. If you want to successfully implement your goal-oriented marketing solutions, you need to capitalize on the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn.

linked Digital Marketing

While most businesses do focus on Facebook and Instagram marketing, some miss to strengthen their LinkedIn marketing strategy and miss on accelerating their business growth. You need to know that your competition is already using LinkedIn to forge relationships with industry thought leadership and connect with influencers.

If you are confused what LinkedIn marketing strategy will best suit your brand? Contentsia has put together this insightful LinkedIn marketing guide to help you decide the best.

What is LinkedIn Marketing?

Simply put, LinkedIn marketing is all about fostering business relationships using LinkedIn. 

Since the beginning, as a professional social network, LinkedIn has primarily focused on being the career building, networking and content sharing platform. However, today it serves as one of the most powerful digital marketing platforms for not only promoting career advancements but also for making business-to-business (B2B) connections.

Today there are over 700 million professionals on LinkedIn and more than 30 million companies have their official accounts on the platform. It has become the hotspot for targeting the best talent and build brand awareness, promote products and services and attract business partners and investors.

But are you aware which is the right LinkedIn SEO strategy that will help you expand your online community? LinkedIn marketing starts with building a connection and sharing valuable content with the connections and fostering business partnerships. A qualified LinkedIn content marketing agency like us can help you drive website traffic and generate qualified leads.

Do not underestimate the power of LinkedIn marketing as it can help you reach the right people and execute a conversion-centred marketing solution.

Why Is It Important to Boost Your LinkedIn Business Profile?

LinkedIn marketing solutions are built to help businesses’ reach their targeted marketing efforts. The professional social network was ranked first among the most trusted networking platforms in Business Insider Intelligence’s 2019 Digital Trust Report.

Not only does LinkedIn offers an avenue for collaboration and sharing best practices, but it also offers several distinct advantages that other social media marketing channels cannot offer.

According to expert marketers, LinkedIn as the largest professional social networking site in the world offers some unique B2B opportunities. You can build distinctive brand awareness for your company and develop valuable relationships in the process.

LinkedIn marketing services you on many levels. It helps you to:

  • Create a clear marketing roadmap
  • Monitor competitors
  • Build a solid brand reputation
  • Keep track of industry updates and trends
  • Be part of engaging discussions and polls
  • Build professional networks
  • Publish press releases
  • Engage with prospects and top talents
  • Increase market visibility
  • Share valuable content 

When it comes to expanding professional networks and building brand value, LinkedIn is the unrivalled leader.

Are you ready to promote your business on LinkedIn now?

Here’s how you can refocus your LinkedIn marketing strategy to grow your network and accomplish amazing marketing results.

Best LinkedIn Digital Marketing Practices

We have picked some easy-to-adopt Linked marketing solutions that you can implement to reach your goals and achieve unprecedented digital marketing success.

1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Business Profile

This one is a no brainer your LinkedIn marketing strategy relies on you having a strong LinkedIn Business Profile. Here’s what you can do:

  • Choose the right profile picture and banner for the LinkedIn business page
  • Customize the headlines
  • Work on a compelling business description with the right keywords
  • Have a complete profile with all applicable fields filled out (i.e., website URL, location, contact number, industry, company size, etc.)
  • Promote building of your employees’ profile
  • Personalize your LinkedIn page URL
  • Follow topic-based communities
  • Explore other relevant LinkedIn features

2. Utilize the power of LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is a news aggregation feed designed for LinkedIn members to share the content they create with a larger audience. You can use Pulse to expand your online reach and build a stronger LinkedIn profile as an individual as well as a business.

LinkedIn posts for individuals and companies have a 700-character and 1300-character limit respectively, but LinkedIn articles don’t have such limits. Above all the Linked Pulse articles can be accessed through Google search as well which is better for SEO.

3. Create Meaningful Shareable Posts

LinkedIn is not your typical social media platform, where most people are not to binge entertain themselves but to find relevant information. Content marketing is an effective way to get your brand promoted without spending on advertisements. Include content in your LinkedIn marketing strategy to drive leads and build online authority.

Here are some LinkedIn SEO tips that can help you boost the presence of your LinkedIn marketing posts:

  • Rely on valuable analytics
  • Put a social media content calendar in place
  • Determine the target audiences’ peak hours
  • Engaging images and videos in a text post get more attention
  • Relevant keywords and hashtags are a must
  • Keep in touch with the market trends and news

Your connections with a single read can determine if the content is written by a professional or not. This is why take your time to craft compelling content that addresses the concern of the industry. If you think you lack the knowledge and skills to write engaging LinkedIn posts, you can always hire a LinkedIn marketing agency.

4. Leverage LinkedIn Presentations and Videos

It becomes easier to connect and start meaningful brand interactions when you use presentations and videos. According to studies, such bite-sized content gets about 10x more impressions, shares and engagements.

An advantage of using presentations and videos is that you can use already existing blog posts and other content to generate it.

Here are the best practices for:

Publishing Presentations 

  • Repurpose long-form blog posts
  • Encourage team members to share their industry expertise
  • Include stats or quotes from industry experts
  • Keep the design simple and professional
  • Add a compelling title slide
  • Use creative visuals

Posting Videos 

  • Avoid cluttered backgrounds
  • Add closed captions
  • Capture attention from the start
  • Design for sound off
  • Make 30 seconds videos
  • Close with a strong call-to-action (CTA)

5. Leverage LinkedIn Advertisements

Here’s a fact, a LinkedIn user has twice the buying power of an average online user.

Want to know one more, the conversion rate of LinkedIn ads is 3 times any other advertising platform including Google Ads.

Linked offers several paid advertisement options such as text ads, sponsored updates and sponsored inmails. With these ads, you can micro-target the specific audience and direct the right traffic to your company page.

But to fully utilize the potential of LinkedIn ad campaigns you need to keep a few things into consideration.

Start by crafting compelling ad copies using the maximum character limit available. Do not use too much industry jargons or vague terms. In the ad, content utilize high-performing keywords and relevant hashtags along with a powerful Call To Action. Use engaging image and optimize your ad copy based on analytics results.


By correctly harnessing the power of LinkedIn digital marketing you can transform your business.

As the job markets are changing and economies are plummeting into uncertainties, more and more professionals are turning to LinkedIn SEO to boost their marketing efforts.

LinkedIn is also adding more features and aggressively growing its user base to become more relevant as a marketing platform. Don’t miss on the opportunity to improve your brand awareness and create valuable industry relationships, improvise your LinkedIn marketing strategy today.

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