The Ten Commandants Of A Great Press Release

How to write good press release

When the recipient of your press release lays emphasis on the content of it rather than its creation, your task is fulfilled! The writer who has the ability to grab the attention of a recipient towards the content of a PR has the flair of writing. To assist you better, here are the ten commandants of a great press release.

How to write good press release
How to write good press release

#1: Be strictly professional

Remember that a press release is like a conversation between two professionals. Even if it is lighthearted, it cannot be funny! You strictly need to be professional. Therefore eliminate goofy texts and do not use silly gimmicks.

#2: Do not be promotional

While writing the press release make sure that you maintain that purposeful distance from your company. The PR does not glorify the attempts of a company. It delivers the news. Even though PR is a piece of promotion, but in no way should it feel like the promotional content.

#3: Be enthusiastic and informative

A good writer is the one who can make even the driest subject informative and entertaining for the readers. You will be communicating with the journalists. If your content is boring, it will be rejected right away!

#4: Be brief

The idea of a PR is to summarize everything in short and in an informative approach. To maintain the brevity and word economy. It is important to include important points only. Keep the sentences as short as possible, still meaningful, and informative!

 #5: Know your recipients

Make sure that you know your readers. For example, if you are writing a press release for the winery being inaugurated, the desk editor would only be interested in its opening and nothing else. Other lifestyle journalists, on the other hand, would be interested in knowing more about it.

#6: Use proper tense

One of the most common mistakes in PRs is that of the tense. It irritates the readers when they do not understand whether something has already happened, is happening or will be happening shortly. So make sure that your PR has appropriate and perfect tenses.

#7: Think visually

The press release is not merely the words. It is something more than that. It is actually the visual document that gives a synopsis of the event or something else. Therefore while writing the PR, you should think visually.

#8: Tell a story, but in brief

PR is meant for those who were present in the event and also for those who were not present. Therefore your PR should be a brief story about what the event will be/was all about. It depends on whether your PR is written about the already existing event or for an event that is about to happen.

#9: Be honest

Do not confuse, exaggerate, or inflate the topic. Do not blow things out of proportion. Do not make claims that are hard to understand for the readers. In short, be honest and tell only the truth.

#10: Know your limitations

Finally, the most important thing while writing the PR is to know your limitations. Everyone cannot write a press release. A good PR writer is the one who writes it within all the limitations described above.

Writing PR is something that everyone cannot do. But a person who learns how to follow these commandants of writing a good Press Release can always succeed. I am sure you would like to have a look at our Press Release Writing Service.

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